Recent advances in smart mobility have supposed the need to develop new models for mobile services and applications. These models must allow to automate certain tasks and to personalize the user attention. The specific characteristics of mobile devices need new models for applications as guidance systems, communication systems … This special session provides the opportunity to join researchers, developers from industry and researchers of the academic world inside this new field and share knowledge and experiences.


The topics proposed for the special session include the following, but they are not restricted to:

  • Agents and mobility.
  • Resource constraint devices.
  • Practical applications for Mobile devices.
  • Agents and RFID technology
  • Communication Systems and mobile identification.
  • Education - learning systems adapted to mobile technologies.
  • Decision support Systems for mobile environments.
  • Embbeded devices.
  • Mobile sensing.


Organizing Committee

  • Andrew Campbell- Darthmouth College (USA)
  • Javier Bajo- Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Antonio Juan Sánchez- University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Juan Francisco De Paz- University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Gabriel Villarrubia- University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Cristian Pinzón- Technical University of Panama (Panama)
  • Montserrat Mateos- Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Luis Fernando Castillo- University of Caldas ( Colombia)
  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez- Indra (Spain)
  • Roberto Berjón- Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Encarnación Beato- Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Fernando De la Prieta- University of Salamanca (Spain)

Special Issue

A special issue in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJAI): ( will include a selection of between the best papers published in the symposium. IJIMAI Special Issue of the International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence (IJIMAI) with best papers from the special session will be published. The International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence - IJIMAI (ISSN 1989 - 1660) provides an interdisciplinary forum in which scientists and professionals can share their research results and report new advances on AI tools or tools that use AI with interactive multimedia techniques.


Gabriel Villarrubia González